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Pow Wow - Native American Indian Workshop

This workshop is a joy for the Infant ages, while still providing a valuable insight into First Nation North American culture and great hands-on experience for the Junior years as well. The visual stimulus for this culture, particularly for children, might be through animation films like Pocahontas, Spirit, Brother Bear and even Avatar, which, as a story, taps into the same plight of Native Americans when the 'Invaders' from Europe came to settle on their land.

A Pow Wow is a Native American family gathering of all the people of one nation to celebrate their culture and pageantry together in harmony. Stories are told. Music and song unfolds to the rhythm of the Pow Wow drum. A procession called the grand entry begins the Pow Wow, with an elected elder warrior carrying the nation flag and leading everyone from the eldest to the youngest into the circle arena before festivities begin.

Our Pow Wow recreates the symbolic circle of life with a variety of instruments laid out in a circle. After a traditional and exuberant Grand Entry, the children are taught simple tribal rhythms to accompany a traditional song 'Land Of The Silver Birch' played by Jim on the marimba. It is a dynamic workshop embracing everything the First Nation people hold dear to their hearts, from the creatures and animals of the great outdoors to the drums and songs of their people and Mother Nature herself.