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“Wow, what an amazing experience! Jim’s ability to make every single participant feel comfortable and at ease, whilst unwittingly taking them completely out of their comfort zone was worth the fee alone. My team then went on to create and perform two amazing pieces of music within an hour, one from the Caribbean and the other from Brazil. As a result, our final delegate get-together, which should have been a general review of the whole conference, instead was completely dominated by talk of the music workshop!” - MARKS AND SPENCER PLC, WEST SUSSEX CONFERENCE

As a company director, manager or team Leader, you may be looking to book an exciting activity for your staff to enjoy together, which will also help you succeed as a team. Whether it be to develop team-building and cohesion, working relationships, individual self-confidence or as a fun way of letting off steam at the end of an intense day of conference meetings, World Music Workshops offers a wonderful package of music-making to help you achieve your goals.

It feels so immeasurably rewarding, having been taken outside of our comfort zone, to succeed at an activity that we would happily convince ourself beforehand we cannot do. Music is something that means so much to us all, yet so many adults insist they 'have no rhythm' or are 'tone deaf'. Our aim is to change that core-belief through experience, encouraging our clients to see that they can, and then show them how. Within minutes, the smile on their faces tells a new story, one with a happier, more productive ending; of adults having fun, relaxing, creating, growing in confidence, sharing and savouring the moment together and feeling more positive about their ability to conquer previously held fears and misconceptions.

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