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In Mexico, the marimba is the national instrument. It is referred to as the 'Maderas que cantan' literally meaning 'wood that sings'. Although the marimba is believed to have originated in Africa, it has been a part of Mexican culture for hundreds of years and in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas it is common to see marimba bands performing all kinds of music openly to the local people and tourists. The marimbas are large instruments played by three or more musicians. In our Mexican workshop, Jim's marimba is played by three children, accompanying other percussion instruments such as maracas and tambourines, bringing this wonderful music genre to life.


As well as the traditional music of Mexican marimba bands, there is a wealth of music and drumming from the native American peoples of Mexico, not least the AZTECS from the 1300-1500's. Our drum workshop brings to life the ceremonial drum rhythms of the HueHuetl drum that still accompanies Aztec dancing at Pow Wow events to this day, as well as forming an integral part of the notorious ritual of human sacrifice all those centuries ago.

"Hi Jim, Thanks so much for coming into school on Friday. We all really enjoyed it, especially the Mexican music which has had rave reviews!"
Wendy Goddard, Beechwood Park School, Herts.

"Thank you so much for really bringing our Aztec Topic to life this morning! I can't wait to get started now." Year 5 teacher, Ash Grange Primary School, Surrey.