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As a continent, the vastness of Africa offers so many possibilities in a music workshop setting. From the very youngest children to older students and adults, African rhythms are at the heart of so much of today's music, and in their raw form are a delight ot play. So are the instruments, from the West African djembe, to the marimba of Zimbabwe and South Africa, to the darabukes of Northern Arabic countries.

For the primary years we offer all three options, tieing in with much of today's curriculum topics. For Secondary level students all the workshops are adapted to be age and ability appropriate, giving each student the maximum enjoyment and challenge.

The options below are all ideal for Foundation, Key stage 1 and 2, and secondary schools.

1. West African djembe drumming with additional percussion inc. djun djuns, cowbells, shekeres etc,.

2. Shona Marimba music from Southern Africa featuring the marimba (large xylophone).

3. North African darabuke drum and percussion, ideal for Egypt topics. Accompaniment to belly dancing.

“Hi Jim, I'm sorry its taken me so long to say a HUGE thank you from all of us. The children had a fantastic time with you and the staff really enjoyed the workshop. I'm going to do some more work on African rhythm patterns this afternoon with the year 2 children and the section in your book on Native America is going to be in use next week in year 1. Best Wishes”
Kim Gillin, Robin Hood Infants, Surrey.