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Steel Pan Workshops

The Caribbean Islands - Home to one of the world's best-loved and unique musical instruments, the steel pan. Trinidad and Tobago is the birth place, but its popularity quickly spread to the other islands and the rest of the world once word got out about this extraordinary new instrument. The pan, now a universally acclaimed musical instrument due to the hard work of its early exponents, developed rapidly from its creation around the end of the 1930's to the present day.

Steel pans are the perfect example of a musical instrument made from recycled material! The tone from the pan is so rich and so beautiful, it is hard to believe each note is hammered and beaten from the shell of a disused oil drum.

With Jim's steel pan workshops, you can have a tropical taste of the Caribbean as your class works towards learning rhythms, harmonies and chord sequences to create an amazing calypso, reggae or soca piece in only half an hour! Sessions can of course be longer. The more study time, the more can be taught, which could also mean more of a performance at the end.

Each child gets to play on the pans in the workshop. After everyone has had a turn, additional percussion instruments are introduced into the session so the band can work towards creating the ultimate steel band carnival sound.

A fantastic learning and confidence-building experience for Primary, Secondary, adults and in a teambuilding context; the feel-good factor of the Steel Pan workshop will live long in your memory!

“Dear Jim, Jessica from Heacham Junior School here. Firstly, I would just like to say how much we enjoyed our Caribbean Workshop this last term - everyone loved it and when the children wrote the part of their report to their parents about what they had enjoyed, nearly every child in the school mentioned the workshop! We have also created a great display in the music room with pictures of the day."