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Chinese Drum and Gong Workshops - Luogu and the Dragon Dance

China is one of the world's oldest surviving civilisations dating back thousands of years. Today, China is forging a path forward as one of the leaders in modern industry and in economic wealth. However, one of its most exciting musical genres is hundreds, if not thousands, of years old - The drum and gong style of the Luogu percussion ensemble. This is the ancient music of Chinese parades, festivals and religious rituals, accompanying the dance of the dragons and the lions.

The Luogu percussion workshop is terrific fun from Early Years right through to year 6. Simple rhythms and sounds are taught by learning to respond to chinese onomatopoeic words, which are then used to trigger various parts of the group into playing specific patterns.

It is exciting, dynamic, pulsating and fun. You can easily imagine the colourful dancing dragons parading through the streets during a New Year parade, while playing the array of drums and gongs that Jim brings.

"Hi Jim, Thanks for a great day on Friday. The children had a great time and it was a fantastic start to our Chinese Arts week. Sorry I wasn't about in the afternoon to see you off. Hope to see you again another year."
Janine Barney, Grove Park Primary School, Kent.