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Indian Dhol Workshops

India is one of the most fascinating and colourful of all cultures. It is also a country with whom the UK shares a long history and wonderful friendship as members of the Commonwealth group of nations. As a result, we have many Indian people living and working in the UK, giving us an illuminating insight into Indian culture. Illumination is a good word to use, for it is perhaps the annual festival of Deepavali, or Diwali, that captures the magic and wonder of Indian culture the best, the 'Festival of Light'.

A wonderful topic to study in the primary years, Diwali provides a platform to explore some of the music of India at the same time. A visit to the Punjab region in the north introduces us to the two-sided DHOL drum and its use in providing rhythms for the much-loved dance style of Banghra.

Jim's workshop encompasses Diwali and other Indian festivals such as Lohri (Punjab festival) and Holi (festival of colour). He teaches authentic rhythms of the dhol in such a way as to make it possible for even the youngest children to learn to play it, as well as have a go at being a Bollywood dance star at the same time. Using a variety of dhol drums, Indian bells, tambourines and other percussion, the dhol workshop is a fantastic way to link music into your class or school Indian topic.

"Hi Jim, Another Year 4 India Day is fast-approaching! This will be our fifth year running. Looking forward to your Indian drum workshops again!" Emma, Yr 4 Teacher, Dulwich Prep, Kent.