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The Pasadoble

The word 'Passion' is synonomous with Spain. Whether it's the sublime skills of the Spanish national football team, the tenacious fighting spirit of tennis icon Rafael Nadal, the exquisite moves of the flamenco dancers, the intrqigue and excitement of the mythical legend 'Zorro' or simply the exotic taste of its national dish, Paella, Passion is ubiquitous in Spain. A wonderful example of this is in the rhythm of the Pasadoble, literally meaning 'double-step'. It is a traditional dance from Spain that began life as a march, then became an evocative dance between a man and a woman, depicting the elegant movements of the bull-fighting matador and his cape.

The Pasadoble rhythm is exciting in itself, but accompanied by the modal Spanish harmony on the marimba (played by the children themselves) it takes on a whole new dimension to create a truly irresistible and authentic sound. This is a wonderful workshop, particularly for juniors, who ae able to produce the rhythms and sounds of Spain on the marimba as well as on unpitched percussion.

“Dear Jim, I just wanted to say again how much we enjoyed your visit on Tuesday. I have had many positive comments from both the staff and children. We all got a great deal out of the day and had a fantastic time so thank you! On Thursday the Year 5 children did some follow up music work based on the Spanish work you did with them - they were very inpsired and loved composing some music of their own! Many thanks once again”.
Laura, Blackpool Primary, Devon.