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Marching Rhythms and Drum Corps Playing

Jim began his drumming life on the snare drum and it is this instrument, and the skills required to play it well, that remains close to his heart. Marching rhythms and drum corps playing is all about simple phrasing held together by precise timing and choreographed sticking movements. Certain calls are used to bring the band to attention and to start the band off. A combination of bass drums, snare drums and cymbals are used to great effect, making this a fun experience for all who take part.

The mystery of the different types of drum roll is fully demonstrated, not to mention drumming rudiments such as the paradiddle, the flam, the drag, the ratamacue and the lesser known pataflafla!

Ideal for all ages from Foundation to Year 6, and in Secondary music for developing drum technique.

Atteeeention! Quick March!