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World Music Shows

You can start or end the day with a world music show for the whole school. Starting the day with one of Jim's assembly performances is an exhillerating way to experience a variety of diverse music styles from around the world and whet everybody's appetite for the day ahead.

Jim has been a professional musician for over twenty years. Whether you're listening to much loved tunes on the Caribbean steel pans, samba rhythms from Rio, the pulsating beat of the African djembes or the unmistakable sound of the chinese gong, the show will lift your spirits and leave everyone wanting more.

Assembly performances can be flexible in length from a 10-minute taster to a full hour-long show, with the most popular duration being around half an hour. It can also be tailored to a particular topic, such as Carnivals, Harvest Festival, Chinese New Year, Diwali or any specific culture and there's even a hilarious Christmas world music show to enjoy every December.

In addition to a starting assembly, you may wish to stage an end of the day get-together, where the children can perform the work they have learnt with Jim during the day. Parents can be invited to share this experience too, bringing the day to a wonderful conclusion.

There are plenty of options so don't hesitate to ask about them or discuss any of your own ideas with us. Together we'll create a special musical day for your school or group.

“The show this morning was brilliant and the children were absolutely captivated”.
Wentworth Primary School, Kent.