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The Workshops

Jim Bernardin set up World Music Workshops to provide school children with opportunities to learn and create exciting and authentic rhythms and sounds from around the world. Jim began teaching percussion in 1994 after several years as a professional touring drummer. A lot of his work was on board cruise ships and it was during this time that the rich diverse sounds and rhythms of the various cultures he visited inspired him and went on to inform his future teaching and career direction.

Uniquely, Jim is the only workshop leader in the UK delivering so many different cultures to schools himself. You can choose from the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa, China, Japan, Spain, Mexico, North America, India, Egypt, The Rainforests, Carnivals and World Festivals, with Indonesia and Australia currently being developed.

“Hi Jim, Just to say a big " thank you" again for the FANTASTIC day you gave us on Friday..... I couldn't believe that one person could do all that !!! AMAZING!”.
All Saints Benhilton Primary School, Surrey.

It is Jim's sensitive and inclusive teaching style that makes his workshops so special, and so widely acknowledged for their quality. Everyone, no matter their ability, will feel they have contributed to the music being created. Jim reaches out to include all ages, all abilities and in a very short time will have turned a whole class into a wonderful sounding world music ensemble, ready to perform exciting and vibrant music from any of the cultures taught.

All the workshops can be stand-alone musical experiences or can lead to a finale performance. This could be at the end of a single day of workshops, or a concert as the culmination of a series of visits over the course of a project.

More than one culture can be included in a day booking. Jim's world music show will kick off the visit in exciting style. Then it is the turn of the children, students and teachers to work with Jim throughout the day on the chosen cultures.

Perfect for Early Years, Foundation, Primary Key Stages, Secondary and GCSE work. Jim has also written a book entitled Teaching World Music specifically to help non-specialist teachers in primary years with musical ideas for the classroom, to increase self-confidence in delivering music and to get the most out of your instruments in school.

For prices, availbility, or for an informal chat through all the options, contact Jim directly on 07946 027313 or email

Parent Feedback Letter - Caribbean Music Workshop Review: Year 5/6
“Quite simply I think this was the most impressive musical display I’ve been to at Ropley School in recent times. The workshop leader, Jim, had only been working with the class since that morning and by 2.30, when the parents came to watch, he had worked wonders with the children. They made the most terrific sound and the enthusiasm amongst them was palpable.

It was interesting to see how well they had all grasped the importance of rhythm, and when working in harmony throughout the band Jim only brought the next group into the music once the first group were working rhythmically together. They had managed to learn three pieces of music off by heart in a matter of hours, and by swapping the children round each time Jim ensured that they all had a turn on the different instruments: steel pans, drums and other percussion. I don’t think many of us were aware beforehand just how many different types of steel pan there are or how many people you can successfully have in this sort of band. They all concentrated very hard and every child contributed to the whole. The result was the most fantastic music.

The children were clearly thrilled with themselves (the effort not to grin much of the time was tremendous) – a great tribute to Jim’s enthusiasm – and the applause and excitement from parents immense.

Well done to Jim for producing such marvellous results, and congratulations to Mrs Farrell for organising such a fun and instructive session as a great start to the year’s St Lucia project, and to the school year in general.”
Parent, Ropley Primary School, Ropley, Hants.