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Having survived the very difficult period of Covid from both a health and work perspective, Jim is delighted to be visiting schools again with his workshops and performance assemblies.


In addition to his bespoke multicultural-influenced percussion workshops, Jim remains an active musician on steel pan and drum kit in the genres of Latin Jazz, Caribbean, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music.  


Having started his musical career solely as a kit drummer influenced by rock bands such as Genesis, Rush, Sting and Frank Zappa, Jim learnt to sight-read and quickly established himself as a professional drummer for shows and backing artists in residencies on land and on cruise-ships. He later studied the marimba, piano, steel pan and more recently the bass guitar, gaining a first class music degree in 1998 and a Masters 2020.

Teaching has been a passion for twenty five years now, as has creating and directing successful community projects like Worthing Steel Band from 2012-2021. 

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