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In 2010 Jim Bernardin wrote ‘Teaching World Music’, an instruction guide specifically aimed an non-music specialist teachers to assist with classroom music ideas. Contained within are many easy-to-follow ideas for how to achieve authentic and fun results from the range of classroom percussion instruments commonly found in schools.


Each music style in the book is backed up with an audio track, making it easy for teachers to follow and understand how each piece is created. The book and audio tracks are now available as a free download for teachers wishing to explore Jim’s workshops further.

In addition, Jim can be booked for a one-off teacher training session to demonstrate all the styles, and show how great music can be created in class without buying new or specialist instruments.

To book a teacher training workshop, email or call direct on 07946 027313 to discuss your thoughts further.

Click below for a FREE pdf DOWNLOAD of Teaching World Music to use with the audio tracks in the video below

Teaching World Music PDF part 1
Teaching World Music PDF part 2
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